What is the Bible?

So, I was browsing the web today and noticed: According to the International Bible Society’s website (www.biblica.com)

The Bible is the account of God’s action in the world, and his purpose with all creation. The writing of the Bible took place over sixteen centuries and is the work of over forty human authors. It is quite an amazing collection of 66 books with very different styles, all containing the message God desired us to have.

This compilation of booklets contains an astonishing variety of literary styles. It provides many stories about the lives of good and bad people, about battles and journeys, about the life of Jesus, and about early church activity. It comes to us in narratives and dialogues, in proverbs and parables, in songs and allegories, in history and prophecy.
The accounts in the Bible were not generally written down as they occurred. Rather they were told over and over again and handed down through the years, before eventually being written down. Yet the same themes may be found throughout the book. Along with the diversity, there is also remarkable unity throughout.

So what is the Bible? Well, in addition to all the above, the Bible is:

  • A guide for living life to the full. It gives us a road map for the perilous journey of life. Or to put it another way, on our voyage through life’s ocean, the Bible is an anchor.
  • A storehouse of wonderful stories for children and grownups. Remember Noah and the ark? Joseph’s coat of many colors? Daniel in the lion’s den? Jonah and the fish? The parables of Jesus? These stories emphasize the triumphs and failures of ordinary people.
  • A refuge in trouble. People in pain, in suffering, in prison, and in mourning tell how turning to the Bible brought strength in their desperate hour.
  • A treasury of insight as to who we are. We are not meaningless robots, but we are magnificent creatures of a God who loves us and gives us a purpose and a destiny.
  • A sourcebook for everyday living. We find standards for our conduct, guidelines for knowing right from wrong, and principles to help us in a confused society where so often “anything goes.”

What do you think about that? the Bible – A message to us! A guide for Living! A Storehouse of info! A refuge in Trouble! A Treasury of Insight! A source book for Everyday Living! Awesome points, but personally I believe it’s even more, that it’s the very word of God spoken to and through His creation, recorded and preserved for our generation and generations to come. The Bible, a message thru time from a timeless and ageless God who created all that is seen and unseen. The Bible, a divinely perfect work through imperfect vessels guided and guarded by an all-powerful God and conformed to His will, with whom and in whom all things are possible. The Bible, a message from God to you. Its personal. Its priceless, and its all meant for you.

Now,  when we understand it is truly THE “message God desires us to have”, the question becomes WHAT THEN do we do with this message? With the words of truth revealing the desires of God for His creation? With the instructions for living as we were created to live? With the “standards of conduct” and “guidelines“ and “principles” to live by in a manner acceptable to God our creator and ultimately our judge at life’s end?

The question becomes not WHAT is the Bible but HOW WILL this marvelous revelation, the bible, Gods Living Word, AFFECT our lives?

Shall we not note the effort our God went to in order to send us this message? Shall we not consider the uncanny consistency, the divine unity in the narrative? Shall we not consider the unfathomable cost in the faithful preserving and guarding of the narratives for over sixteen centuries? Shall we not respond to the consistent and persistent call throughout? O Sinner, draw near, hear my voice for I AM, heed my call and believe in Jesus the Messiah. The one I sent, the one who proved my love for you! Repent o penitent heart, turn from your wicked ways (to my guidelines in the bible) and live! Or shall we reject it in utter dis-belief? Or worse, destroy its integrity and sixteen centuries of faithful preservation and change it now to suit our sinful and rebellious hearts? Heaven forbid!

The only reasonable action is to conform to it! Hear It – Study It – Love It — Live It!

Lord, May this Easter bring an awakening in our hearts and minds and a turning to you as we once again remember “He is Risen” and rejoice in the Message of Love you have sent to us. Amen