We Draw our Circle Too Small

Roy Lloyd, a Lutheran minister, once interviewed Mother Teresa. He said that one of his questions and one of her answers stands out in his mind as “a bright sun burning in my mind.” He asked her, “What’s the biggest problem in the world today?” And she answered, without hesitation, “The biggest problem in the world today is that we draw the circle of our family too small. We need to draw it larger every day.”

With all that is evil and wrong in this world today it would be easy to answer that question with a hundred different events. That’s what makes Mother Teresa’s response so jilting. She is saying that the problem is not so much with the world as it is with us. We need to see more people as our neighbor than we currently do…

Perhaps this is our call as small church members – to draw our circle larger, to reach out and draw into our circle those who share our roads and neighborhoods, so we can share our passion for the God of the Universe and our Lord Jesus Christ. To bring saving grace to those whom many times perhaps the world sees as graceless, useless or broken.  Far too often we simply ride past the “invisible people”, those who are outside our circle of friends and family, or maybe those whose appearance or speech or actions are different than our norm. In so doing we may be riding right past the very people God has called us to reach.

Here’s a challenge for us all. As you go thru life this and coming months, go with prayers lifted for those God is putting into your path. Go with eyes looking for and a heart open to and a faith fully expecting to see those God is putting into your path. And when you see them, come alongside them and just speak… Just say hello and let God guide the rest of the conversation and watch miracles happen.

Preacher Man saying Go in God’s grace and Draw your Circle just a little bigger each day!