Prayer Quilts

One of our special outreach ministries is our prayer quilt ministry.  When we are aware of a special need or situation in someone’s life that needs special prayer, our quilting ladies get to work and a prayer quilt is born.

Each quilt then is hung in the sanctuary and prayed over for several weeks and each prayer that is lifted is marked with a knot on the quilts prayer strings.

Our congregation takes this ministry quite seriously and prays fastidiously over these quilts and the prayer request that was made known to us. Finally the quilt is mailed or taken to the person(s) involved along with a card from the church. Recipients are prayer warriors alike report that this ministry moves mountains!

Linda Daughtrey started the quilt ministry at Wacissa United Methodist in 2006.  Eight years before she had breast cancer and the Lord brought her through that.  She thought, “what can I do to give back that grace?”  So the quilt ministry was born in her heart for others.  Rather than cropping the strings on the quilts, she left them long.  People in the church prayed over the quilts and tied a knot for each prayer in the strings.  The church has given over 500 quilts over the years.

Linda’s life was cut short by multiple cancers but she had repaid the Lord’s grace for eight years.

Today, the quilt ministry goes forward with Linda Falzone and Jan McCall carrying on the grace for Linda Daughtrey.
Thanks be to God!



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