Serving our community since 1850

About 1850, the first Methodist Church in Wacissa was constructed on Caney Branch. The log cabin structure was built by William Thomas, Eugene K. Moore, Sr. and other settlers. The camp meetings started Friday night and ended with a final service on Sunday.  Those who came arrived by ox-cart and horse back, prepared to camp out in the church yard until Sunday night. They always had a good crowd. An evangelist, Mr. Charley Ames, a Waukeenah resident held a revival twice a year.  Rev. Tiding of Tallahassee, came to serve as Pastor shortly after the Civil War.  A storm destroyed the log building.

In 1895 through the generous support of Senator W.C. Thomas another building was erected a mile east of the Thomas home. This became the Thomas City Church.  Rev. William F. Duke became its first pastor.  Sunday school was founded by Mr. A. J. Boland with the help of Dr. B.O. Lewis, and Mr. W.M. Carraway (who later married Senator Thomas’ widow). The services were always overflowing.

In 1904 under the leadership of Rev. C.W. Matheson, the church was remodeled.  Pews, altar, and rostrum were built by J.K. Skipper, Dr. Lewis, and Mr. Carraway.  The new idea for this church was music.  A Mason and Hamlin reed-type organ was purchased.  Mrs. W.M. Carraway was the first organist.  Mrs. Matheson and Mrs. Lewis organized a Missionary Society with twenty-five members, later they added a youth ministry.  This was about the time that a Turpentine and Saw-mill industry came and brought new people.  The church prospered.

In 1911, Rev. J. D. Murray, led the church and a new frame structure was build and opened for worship in Wacissa.  Many of the members of the Thomas City Church transferred to Wacissa.  Mr. Goodman and his step-son, Mr. Lamar, built the church on property given by Mr. F.H. Beach, and Ann Story and others. Rev. Murray preached at Wacissa, and in Thomas City one Sunday afternoon a month.  He had other churches on the Waukeenah Charge that he served.

In 1920, Rev. M. B. Cox became pastor and preached at both churches, and eventually were united at Wacissa.  The Thomas City building  and land were sold to Mr. John Busbee of Waukeenah. Eventually the depression hit in the late twenties, industries closed down, and many moved away. But the faithful few helped the church survive.

In 1953 the members began a dream for a newer and better place where they might worship God.

By 1959 the plans were starting to come together. Then on February 29, 1960 the survey was made, and the Church laid out by brick mason James Tyner.  Building suppliers gave generous discounts, and a building greater than they expected was built.

On January 28, 1961, the new Sanctuary was made ready for Worship.  January 29, 1961 was the first formal opening of the new Church.