Community Prayer Chapel Open

The Wacissa Community Prayer Chapel is now open 24/7 and stands ready to faithfully deliver knee mail. Say what? Yes! Our community now has a quaint little “war room” open and available to all for prayer and quiet meditation. The old one room post office has been re-purposed and given new life as a prayer chapel. Wacissa UMC members have dreamed big and worked hard to provide our community with a very special place to commune with God, quietly pray, or just sit and be still in His presence.

The Wacissa Community Easter Sunrise service this year (2018) was held beside this wonderful new addition to our community and included a special dedication ceremony. Following which, the Chapel was officially opened and placed in to service and is there now for any who desire to partake in its quiet solitude.

Another special feature, a blessing box can be found next to the Prayer Chapel. It is sort of a mini food pantry and is a place where those who are hungry and struggling may stop by and obtain some food and those who are blessed may share some canned or boxed food items. We encourage you to participate by giving or taking a blessing.

The Wacissa Community Prayer Chapel is located across the street from the Wacissa United Methodist Church and next door to the parsonage. We invite you to stop by and try it out, so why not check in with the Lord and find strength in Him today?